Circulation is how your body delivers nutrients and oxygen to each cell in your body.


    Boosting blood flow enhances cardiac function, endurance, strength, energy, and mental acuity.


    Improved circulation enhances concentration, stress reduction and relaxation.

Customers and health care providers around the world are reporting remarkable results almost immediately.

  • BEMER works on young and old, complementary or supporting therapy
  • Better nutrient and oxygen supply to and waste disposal from organs and tissues
  • Enhances cardiac function
  • Faster post-operative recovery, allowing the body to quickly heal itself
  • Enhances stress reduction and relaxation
  • Reduces consequences of stress
  • Enhances sleep management
  • Improved recovery time and regeneration in sports
  • Enhances physical fitness, performance, endurance, strength and energy
  • Enhances concentration and mental acuity

17 Years of Research and Clinical Trials


The smallest blood vessels form a dense network of capillaries that extends throughout the entire body. This network is how our body receives the essential nutrients and oxygen that it needs.

A well-functioning circulation through the capillary network is crucial to the delivery of these essentials,for all the rest of our bodily processes, and for our good health.

The flow of blood can be improved through a special physical method. Improving your health is our Number One priority.

Suitable for Clinics, Practices, and Home Use

Enhance your circulation and experience the difference!

Some good friends of mine tried Bemer and told me that I had to experience the technology. I was sold when I felt Bemer working in my body. The experience varies depending on the individual. I initially felt very relaxed and was aware of a pulsing throughout my body.

Although the heart is responsible for pumping blood through our veins and arteries, these only account for 26% of our circulatory system. The other 74% are micro-vessels - more than 74,000 miles of them! Because most of us do not run 18 or 20 miles each day, we need help properly circulating our blood through these vessels that would wrap around the earth 2-1/2 times. Bemer the only way that I have found to ensure that our cells from head to toe get the nutrients and oxygen they need. I don't know about you, but when it comes to my brain, I want every cell properly nourished!

Based on an average physical examination, I would be considered healthy, but looking deeper, I can easily see ways that Bemer will continue to improve my quality of life. In fact, I would not want to be without my Bemer!

One medical doctor has referred to Bemer as "the greatest anti-aging device ever discovered". I've heard a very successful heart surgeon refer to Bemer technology as the 'fountain of youth'. Medical doctors, surgeons and health care professionals (along with average people like you and me) have had amazing experiences with Bemer. Improving quality of life could be a huge understatement. I do know that I feel relaxed when I use Bemer. Depending on the time of day when I use my Bemer, I will feel energized. It's no wonder that users experience greater mental acuity. Imagine what happens in our brains when all the tiny, tiny micro-vessels get a surge of fresh blood- our river of life!

Bemer recommends an 8 minute session in the morning, and another in the evening. For the ultimate experience and benefit, use the amazing sleep function. This feature puts you to sleep in your initial two hours in bed, then two hours before scheduled wake up time, the Bemer comes on and readies you for your day. The first time I used this function, I felt a very warm and comforting sensation all in my belly. To this day, I don't know why, but I do know that everyone who uses Bemer has a story to tell.

I have learned that regular use leads to better overall circulation, which means that the delivery of essential nutrients on a cellular level is

improved over time—And this is what we need in order to feel and function better, have better quality of life, and extend our longevity. I've met folks with poor circulation and difficulty getting rid of cellular waste - and Bemer is a truly effective solution for these individuals! If I were to take a poll of all the ways people I know would like to improve their quality of life, the list would be long. This is the first health product that I have found that helps people across the board. Everyone is different! Bemer is so effective because it's all about allowing each individual's body heal itself.

Initially, I just wanted to buy 3 or 4 Bemers for my loved ones and me. However, the more I learned, the more I saw how I could make significant income using their unique marketing model. When I sold 5 Bemers in my first week as a new distributor, I was invited to be a guest speaker on their Blog Talk Radio for distributors. I sold enough Bemers in my first week to pay for my own!

Unlike other network marketing companies, it does not operate on the MLM business model. Bemer has utilized a unique two-tier affiliate plan that rewards distributors with large commissions right away. There are no gimmicks and there is no pressure. Bemer is a company with extremely high standards, with the simple mission of getting a Bemer in every home. There is a huge market for this amazing technology with both humans and animals alike. I have a customer who runs a Polo club and facility. The veterinarian who cares for the horses at the facility now uses the Bemer Vet model and reported how Bemer saved a very expensive mare's life—a miraculous recovery. These stories are common among horse owners. Bemer's Veterinary Ambassador is Linda Tellington Jones, a renowned author and horse advocate. As she has shared Bemer with horse enthusiasts around the world, Bemer is becoming well known as a legal way to calm nerves, increase performance, and expedite regeneration & recovery.

NASA and Bemer have a signed agreement that certifies that they are working cooperatively to use Bemer technology in space suits. Although we do not have any details beyond this, NASA's faith in Bemer is a huge endorsement in itself! Bemer is approved by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device and is awaiting final steps of approval as a Class 2 Medical Device. This will open huge new marketing opportunities for Bemer distributors! This company is uniquely positioned for continued and rapid growth. When Bemer releases new hospital systems, we will see a huge trend of a Bemer in every home.


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